Inspection Analytics

What gets measured gets improved.
Inspection Analytics

Are you curious about your inspection Pass / Fail rate?  Or how often inspections are called prematurely?  Do you know what your most common citations are?  Or how you compare with other builders?  ATS Inspection Analytics can show you!

“ATS now offers the most comprehensive online inspection reporting in the industry.”

Inspection Analytics is a non-statistical tool that relates construction non-compliances observed for a specific builder to observations for all builders in aggregate in easy to understand graphs.  This tool can assist builders in identifying areas that may require additional inspection, supervision or training.  This information is available for twelve types of code compliance inspections from the beginning of 2015.

As our inspectors are performing a code compliance inspection they use a software tool to record the passage, failure or non-applicability of individual aspects of the inspection.  Each inspection type has a different set of aspects.  Together they total 114 areas of interest.  This information is synchronized to our database where it is available for analysis.

“This is the most useful, near real-time statistical inspection reporting out there.”

Builders may sign up to receive monthly, quarterly and yearly email notifications alerting you to your company’s overall pass / fail rate for the period and how that compares to the average rate for all builders, in terms of simply the number of inspections you passed.  More powerfully, the notification will contain a link to our website that will show you your overall pass / fail rate in terms of all of the individual inspection aspects we tracked, again with a comparison to that of all builders.  This page will also show the same information broken down into the twelve types of inspections we track, providing a quick view of where you may be having problems.  Clicking on a “Details” button next to each graph will show you your pass / fail rate for each individual inspection aspect we tracked for the specified period and how you compare to all builders in each area.  These automated emails can be sent to anyone the builder authorizes.  We do not share your information with anyone.

“I can look at results for a house, a street, a subdivision, a whole city, even every city where we build.”

We can also generate this analytical information using a criteria based search of our database.  We can narrow our searches to Street Number, Street Name, Subdivision, City, Inspection Type, Inspection Result and a Date Range.  This powerful tool allows us to drill down into our data to help builders identify problems that may be costing them time and money.  For assistance call Brad Schubert at 512-328-6995, extension 102 or contact us.

Inspection Analytics is not intended to reflect the code compliance or safety of any project “in progress”.  The building process encompasses the efforts of many parties to help assure that the final product satisfies the code adopted by the authority having jurisdiction.

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