Q:  What types of inspections are available for analysis?

A:  We collect data for the following types of code compliance inspections:

  • Foundation Layout and Temporary Power
  • Plumbing Rough
  • Copper and PEX
  • Foundation Pre-Pour
  • Framing
  • Mechanical Rough
  • Electrical Rough
  • Plumbing Top Out
  • Insulation
  • Wallboard
  • Final
  • Wall Sheating

Q:  How is the score on the email notification calculated?

A:  The score on the email notification is derived by simply dividing the number of inspections you passed by the total number of inspections we performed for you during the specified time frame.

Q:  How are the scores on the Inspection Analytics web pages calculated?

A:  The scores on the Inspection Analytics web pages are derived by dividing the number of individual inspection items you passed by the total number of items we inspected during the specified time frame.

Q:  Can I receive Quarterly and Yearly reports in addition to Monthly reports?

A:  Yes, you can receive any combination of Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly reports.

Q:  Can more than one person receive these reports for our company?

A:  Yes.  The notification email, including the link to the Inspection Analytics web pages, can be sent to as many recipients as you authorize.

Q:  Do I have to have an account or be signed into your website to view Inspection Analytics?

A:  No, you do not need an account and you do not need to be logged in to view the reports sent through the email notification.  However, advanced searches do require an account.

Q:  Are advanced, criteria-based searches possible?

A:  Yes.  Inspection Analytics reports can be produced based upon Street Number, Street Name, Subdivision, City, Inspection Type, Inspection Result and a Date Range.  However, to use this feature you must have an account on our website and be logged in.  This feature allows builders to better determine potential problem areas or locations that may benefit from additional monitoring or training.

It is important to note that when performing Advanced Searches only the number of entries specified in the “Entries per page” field, which can be changed, are included in the tabulations.  Individual inspections can be excluded by un-checking them in the far left column of the table.  Once the search results table contains the inspections of interest click the “pie chart icon” in the upper left corner of the table to generate the analytical reports.

Q:  Is my information shared with others?

A:  No.  Only the builder and those approved by the builder may view their own data.  Similarly, the data for “All Builders” is an aggregate and not specific to any particular builder.

Q:  Are the Inspection Analytics statistically reliable?

A:  Users are cautioned that the gathering and tabulation of data requires judgement by the inspector.  While we always strive for accuracy ATS Engineers, Inspectors & Surveyors does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the data or application of the data by the user or any other third party.  Results can vary significantly by the number of entries considered for analysis.  The user is encouraged to consider larger data samples when performing advanced searches,  as they may better represent the actual frequency of non-compliances observed.  The tabulation for “All Builders” is derived from all entries we collected for the specified time frame.

Q:  How can I get help?

A:  Contact Brad Schubert, Business Development Manager, at 512-328-6995, extension 173, for assistance with understanding your data and how we can help with training to reduce costly inspection failures.

Contact Will Guidry, I.T. Department Manager, at 512-328-6995, extension 120, with technical questions or difficulties with the Inspection Analytics system.