ATS iSchedule App

ATS is pleased to introduce the new ATS iSchedule App for Android-powered devices!

The ATS iSchedule App is designed to assist clients of ATS Engineers, Inspectors and Surveyors in scheduling building inspections and land surveys quickly and easily.

The app enables you to maintain a list of current addresses you are working on. You need enter an address only once. Click an address in the list to edit the address or to schedule an inspection or survey. A history of previously scheduled services is available for each address.

User preferences allow you to set address list sorting orders, highlight colors and scheduling options. An in-app Help screen walks you through each feature. The Feedback feature enables you to report bugs and offer suggestions directly from the app. The Account Sign-up feature allows you to easily request a user account directly from the app.

 Available here on the Google Play Store!

Note: To use this app you must be an existing client of ATS Engineers, Inspectors and Surveyors and have a valid user account on the ATS website. New user accounts may be requested directly from the app.

ATS iSchedule App