Homeowners Energy Services

Energy Star LogoATS has worked with more than 1,000 builders, performing inspections during all stages of construction. We perform energy tests to certify several hundred Energy Star homes every year, and we understand all the components that have gone into the building of your home, and how they interact with each other to function as one system. Along with this extensive knowledge and experience, we utilize the most advanced technology to test for, and identify inefficiencies.

RESNETHomeowners can benefit from a Comprehensive Whole House Energy Audit to identify inefficiencies in your home’s energy usage.  One of our HERS certified raters will visit your home, small business or workplace and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to perform diagnostic testing.  We write a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for a work scope that can help solve problems while substantially lowering your utility bills.

Home sellers can benefit from a  thorough residential Energy Audit that can help you differentiate your home from less efficient ones on the market. Use rebates and tax incentives to fund your energy improvements.

Home buyers want to know how well their future home will perform and how much it will cost to operate.  We can tell you, and our partners can tell you how much improvements will cost.

Most multi-family units can be made much more efficient, saving property owners real energy and money. Beginning June 1, 2011, Energy Audits will be required for Austin multi-family units.  We’ve completed audits on properties ranging from five to several hundred units.

We don’t profit from the problems we uncover in your home. But we help you solve them. We recommend and happily send your audit report for a bid to highly qualified energy contractors. We know them. We watch them work. We share common values of respect for the earth, our clients and their homes.

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