City Services

We have served Central Texas since 1983 providing technical support for both emerging and established jurisdictions.

Third-party Inspections – ATS performs over 25,000 inspections annually.  We can provide certified third-party inspection services that expand and contract with your needs.  We are available on an as-needed or more permanent basis.  Next day service is standard with us.  ATS’s electronic inspection system provides for easy scheduling and retrieval of inspection data.  Our web-based application readily shows the  “real time” status of inspection results and inspection history.  Our fees are reasonable and payments can be made online.

 Plan Reviews – ATS  is a multi-disciplined firm providing electrical, mechanical, plumbing, structural and civil plan review.  Our engineers provide real-world experience to applicant questions about codes and construction.  Even small jurisdictions can provide “big city” services.  Our plan review services are affordable and fast.  Learn more.

Electronic Archiving Of Permit Docs – ATS can electronically store your permit documents for later retrieval through our website, saving you valuable space and administrative costs.   Applicants need not submit multiple plan sets, also reducing costs.  Never struggle to find an approved drawing set.  Drawings can be printed online.  Password protection limits access to users as identified by the jurisdiction.   Electronic storage allows our inspectors to view documents at the job-site via a broadband connection to the web.  Paperless permitting is also possible.

ATS currently assists 20 municipalities in Central Texas with inspections, plan review, permitting and document storage.  For more information contact Rick Roberts, P.E. at (512)328-6995, extension 106, or contact us.