Civil Engineering

ATS provides a complete range of Civil Engineering Services covering all aspects of Land Development.

We work with small single-family subdivisions to large master-planned mixed-use subdivisions. We prepare many different types of commercial site plans. Our experience includes banks, offices, restaurants, storage facilities, churches, municipalities and multi-family residential projects of all sizes.

Planning and Feasibility
  • Coordinate w/ Utilities, City, County, State & Federal Planning Staff
  • Identify all Required Site Improvements and Design Standards
  • Outline Project Development Feasibility and Entitlements
  • Advise & Assist the Owner and Project Team with Site Constraints
Platting and Subdivisions
  • Develop Conceptual Subdivision Designs based on Desired Yield
  • Prepare and Process Preliminary and Final Plats through Approval
  • Prepare Construction Documents for all Necessary Improvements
  • Prepare and Process all Required Floodplain Studies
Site Plans
  • Dimension Control
  • Grading & Drainage Plans
  • Street & Utility Plan and Profiles
  • Water Quality & Detention Pond Plans
  • Detail Sheets
  • Submit and Process Site Plans through approval
  • Coordinate necessary engineering subcontractors
Construction Administration
  • Assist Owners During Construction to Clarify Questions
  • Work with Contractors to Ensure Quality Finished Projects

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